Videos and photos represent the new frontier of web communication. It is well known that the graphic and visual contents capture the attention of users, much more than long-winded texts and without interesting contents for users.

Social media, above all, are inundated with visual and audio contents. For this reason, our goal is to create original and unpublished visual content.

In order to appear on the Internet, the increasingly profitable use of photos and videos is essential.

In fact, as many as 71% of those producing promotional content use visual elements within their own formats and 95% of marketers have developed a distinct promotion strategy based exclusively on visual content.

But it is not surprising. The human being is programmed to process photos and videos 60,000 times faster than textual content.

Using quality photos and videos will make you stand out from the competition, and introducing the realistic tours will hold the potential customer for a long time, keeping his attention high.

Another advantage related to the use of photos and videos is the involvement and ease of memory, just because photos and videos are imprinted in the memory more than a text and it is easier to “recall” them. A quality image “builds” a pleasant memory, creates positive emotions. The person involved becomes an active subject, more inclined to share information and to give “echo” to your professionalism.

Thanks to the use of videos and photos you can become an ambassador of your brand, identify the style making it unique, reinforce your brand and confirm the consistency between what you say (“we offer the best service you can find”) and what you do (how I communicate, how effective are my promotional actions).

Alan Studio feeds daily on a web communication rooted on visual and audio contents that are unrivalled!


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