Social media represents a fundamental change in the current world, where people learn, read and share information and content. In them, there is a democratization of information that transforms people from users of content to publishers. They have become very popular because they allow people to use web to establish personal or work relationships.

Social media are also referred to as user-generated content or consumer-generated media and they are relatively low-cost tools that allow anyone (even private individuals) to publish and access information.

Social media, in fact, allow to reach a very high audience, through techniques unrelated to traditional media.

Social media have no limits: there is no fixed number of pages or hours. Readers can participate in social media by leaving comments, instant messages or even posting articles on their own.

The speed of communication, the wide diffusion and the incisiveness are the cardinal principles of the various social media present on the web.

Alan Studio offers continuous assistance and web communication aimed at reaching more and more followers.

What we deal with is social media marketing, a discipline that allows us to generate traffic on social media and virtual communities.

Social media marketing differs from any other type of marketing because it allows companies and customers to interact with each other and comment, ensuring continuous feedback and the possibility of generating a continuous flow of information; therefore, a substantially new system appears to obtain feedback and advice and to manage customer care in total autonomy.

Social media marketing offers consumers a voice, becoming actors and speaker and not just passive viewers of content.

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